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Here at What if they were Muslim we question what would happen if a Jewish, Christian, Hindu, ______(insert religion of choice) were to commit a crime in the name of their faith. Would it be treated the same way if a Muslim committed the exact same crime? Would very little emphasis be put on the perpetrators religion? Would it be stressed that the act is an aberration, a misrepresentation of the religion? Would the religion be mentioned at all?

Another Tid-Bit...

WITWM is not a site that opines on the “what if” scenario of your favorite Hollywood star being a Muslim. It has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp, etc. It has everything to do with the double standards in both media and pop culture that perpetuate the myth that Islam is inherently more violent than other religions or the root cause of misdeeds by Muslims.

Christian Patrols Roam Around With “Bait Crews” to Provoke Muslims



Remember the massive controversy over the kooky blowhards known as the “Muslim Patrols?”

They were obviously swiftly condemned but Islamophobes made huge hay out of it, will they equally call out the racists and anti-Muslim hatemongers in “Britain First?”

What if they were Muslim?

New York: Man Killed 2 Women He Said Were Witches

Lina Castaneda, a victim.

Lina Castaneda, a victim.

There have been numerous witch hunts in Africa  in the name of Jesus and Christianity, in America not so much, at least since the Salem Witch trials but now a man has killed two women with a hammer because he believed they were witches–he was later found clutching a Bible. (/t: Greg)

What if he were Muslim? Rev. Deacon Spencer’s JihadWatch would be all over it.

Man Admits Killing 2 Women With Hammer, Officials Say


A woman and her daughter were bludgeoned to death in their Queens home by the woman’s live-in boyfriend, who called 911 and confessed that he had “killed them because they are witches,” law enforcement officials said on Wednesday.

The suspect, Carlos Amarillo, 44, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

The Queens district attorney’s office said that when police officers arrived at the house at 24-10 87th Street in East Elmhurst around 12:15 a.m., they found the victims, identified as Estrella Castaneda, 56, and her daughter, Lina Castaneda, 25, in their bedrooms. The younger woman’s 7-year-old daughter was found unharmed on the bed in her mother’s room.

The women had severe head trauma and were pronounced dead at the scene, the police said.

The district attorney, Richard A. Brown, said Mr. Amarillo told a 911 operator: “Two females are dead, they were assassinated, hurry they are dead. I killed them because they are witches. I want the police to kill me. I killed them with a hammer.”

A woman and her daughter were bludgeoned to death in their Queens home by the woman’s live-in boyfriend, who called 911 and confessed that he had “killed them because they are witches,” law enforcement officials said on Wednesday.

The suspect, Carlos Amarillo, 44, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

The Queens district attorney’s office said that when police officers arrived at the house at 24-10 87th Street in East Elmhurst around 12:15 a.m., they found the victims, identified as Estrella Castaneda, 56, and her daughter, Lina Castaneda, 25, in their bedrooms. The younger woman’s 7-year-old daughter was found unharmed on the bed in her mother’s room.

The women had severe head trauma and were pronounced dead at the scene, the police said.

The district attorney, Richard A. Brown, said Mr. Amarillo told a 911 operator: “Two females are dead, they were assassinated, hurry they are dead. I killed them because they are witches. I want the police to kill me. I killed them with a hammer.”

Latest alleged gang rape of young woman in India highlights vigilante role of village elders

Latest alleged gang rape of young woman in India highlights vigilante role of village elders

By , Published: January 24 E-mail the writer
NEW DELHI — India’s Supreme Court ordered an investigation Friday into the case of a young tribal woman who reported having been gang-raped by village elders and other men as a punishment for falling in love with a Muslim.The incident again turned a spotlight on the prevalence of sexual assaults on women in ­India. But it is also focusing attention on the powerful role of village clan councils, which often hand out crude penalties, outside any official judicial system, for those who defy traditional social norms.

The 20-year-old woman told policeWednesday that she was raped Monday night by at least a dozen men in her village of Labhpur, in the eastern state of West Bengal, after the village chieftain conducted an informal tribal court hearing and ordered men to punish her with rape.

She was assaulted for hours in the chieftain’s hut, authorities said. Thirteen men have been arrested in the case.

Sexual assault cases are being reported more often in India since the fatal gang rape of a young woman on a bus in New Delhi 13 months ago. The attack sparked a national outcry and an unprecedented public conversation about women’s safety.

The Labhpur incident highlights the challenge entailed in efforts to enhance women’s freedom in line with modern norms within tightly knit village communities largely governed by ethnicity, caste and deeply patriarchal practices.

In recent years, informal clan councils, which operate separately from elected village councils, have forbidden women in northern India to go to bazaars in the evenings, wear jeans or use cellphones.

In the northern state of Haryana, village elders have ordered the killing of young couples who fall in love and elope in defiance of caste and clan restrictions. Such killings, the elders have said, are necessary as a deterrent and to preserve the honor of the community. Families have also been ostracized for flouting village verdicts.

In Monday’s alleged rape, local officials in West Bengal said, village council members first tied the woman and her lover, a Muslim construction worker from a neighboring village, to a tree. The woman belongs to a tribe that has its own religious traditions, and elders frown upon marriage and romantic relationships outside that group.

Elders demanded a penalty equivalent to $800 from the woman and her lover, officials said. When the woman’s relatives said they could not cover her share, the council held a meeting and allegedly ordered the gang rape.

Analysts say village council punishments often occur in socially and economically backward areas where government authority is weak and people are ignorant about issues such as gender equality and human rights.

“The village community gets together and hands out punishments like stripping a person naked, forcing them to wear a garland of shoes, tying them to ropes, making them ride on donkeys. But this kind of gang rape is unusual,” said Ramesh Nayak, a sociologist. “A woman is punished and humiliated to teach her a lesson, so that she never raises her head again or defies the traditional social customs.”

On Friday, India’s Supreme Court called the West Bengal case “disturbing” and ordered the district judge in West Bengal’s Birbhum area to visit the village and file a report within a week. The court also asked the state government for an explanation.

The woman has been hospitalized, but her life is not in danger, local officials said.

Many of the men in Labhpur have fled, according to local reports. Those who remain have become hostile to reporters and social activists who have descended on the small village about six hours north of Kolkata, the state capital.

“There is a lot of anger in the village now. They are saying, ‘This is our internal matter, why are outsiders interfering?’ ” said Shashi Panja, minister for women and child welfare in the West Bengal government. “These are village courts that we do not recognize. They are illegal. My question is, what did the elected village council members do when this was going on? Did they just accept this verdict silently?”

Ajoy Mondal, an elected member of a council from the neighboring village of Ramjibanpu, said he suspected that villagers did not protest the alleged punishment out of respect for time-honored practices.

“Nobody defies such an order, because it is seen as preserving tribal traditions,” Mondal said.

On Thursday, Amnesty International India urged Indian authorities to provide police protection for the woman and her family and to ensure that “women’s rights to choose their partners are respected and protected,” senior researcher Divya Iyer said.

Reports of rape have increased in West Bengal in recent weeks, a development that officials attribute to more women being willing to come forward.

Just Tuesday, nearly 3,000 marchers protested in a suburb of Kolkata to demand police action in the gang rape of a woman who worked in a fitness center in a city mall.

“Every other day, we are reading about a new case of rape in West Bengal,” said Sibaji Pratim Basu, an associate professor of political science at West Bengal State University who took part in the protest. “Whether in villages or our cities, it is the same psychological mind-set, which says women’s bodies are objects through which you exercise social power and domination.”

Feds indict Klansman trying to build an anti-Muslim X-ray cannon


This would be a huge story if the two were Muslims.

Feds indict Klansman trying to build an anti-Muslim X-ray cannon


Federal prosecutors moved forward with a terrorism case against a purported Klansman who had been soliciting money from Jewish businessmen to build a bizarre — but technologically feasible — X-ray cannon intended to secretly kill Muslims.

Eric J. Feight, 55 pleaded guilty Wednesday to domestic terrorism-related charges in a federal courtroom in Albany, N.Y., and faces up to 15 years in prison. His alleged co-conspirator, Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, pleaded not guilty to the charges Wednesday after being indicted on three federal felony counts. The indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Albany, New York last week charged Crawford with attempting to produce and use a radiological dispersal device, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and distributing information relating to weapons of mass destruction.

The Times-Union of Albany reported that Feight and his lawyers may seek a plea agreement in exchange for testimony against Crawford.

Investigators began looking at Crawford in April 2012, after the self-described Klansman approached a Schenectady synagogue, looking for financial support to build the radiation device.

“Crawford planned to create a mobile, remotely operated, radiation-emitting device capable of killing people silently from a distance with lethal doses of ionizing radiation,” according to the indictment. “Crawford’s intended targets were Muslims, Muslim-related organizations and persons Crawford believed were contributing to the demise of the United States.”

Crawford struck out in New York, then went to North Carolina looking for backing. The FBI had been tracking him at this point, notes the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Crawford “described to the [undercover FBI agents] his radiation emitting device, his remote initiation device, mobilizing the radiation device and discussed operation security concerns,” a criminal complaint filed last June said. “Crawford again solicited money to finance his scheme (primarily to fund the purchase or acquisition of an industrial strength x-ray system).”

“Mad Dog” the Cannibal Still Eating the Flesh of Muslim Victims


Christianity or Christians should not be blamed for Magloire’s gruesome actions.

‘Mad Dog’ the cannibal pictured eating SECOND Muslim in as many weeks

Daily Mail

Shocking photographs have emerged of a cannibal by the name of Mad Dog eating the flesh of a lynched Muslim man for the second time in as many weeks.

In one, ‘Mad Dog’ – real name Ouandja Magloire – cuts a portion of meat from the body of a murdered Muslim lying burning on a roundabout in the capital of the Central African Republic, with the body of another a few yards away.

Another photograph shows him licking a bloodied knife as he stands over a body, wearing the same T-shirt he was pictured in during the previous act of cannibalism.

The horrific images were taken in Bangui on Sunday.

According to The Associated Press, the men were killed by residents of the Sango neighbourhood in revenge for the lynching of a taxi driver from Sango a day earlier.

Two other Muslim passers-by escaped to the protection of French and African peacekeeping forces.

The agency understands that Magloire didn’t take part in the killings, but turned up in the aftermath.

According to its source, he is the only person in the Central African Republic known to be carrying out acts of cannibalism.

Read the rest…

Canada: Caught with a Pipe Bomb? You Can Still Board the Airplane if You’re White


Canada: Caught with a Pipe Bomb? You Can Still Board the Airplane if You’re White

If his name was Abdul or Mohammad, no doubt he would be on a plane ride…to some undisclosed location for interrogation.

What if they were Muslim? (h/t: BBoyBlue)

Man found with pipe bomb at Edmonton airport allowed to fly

An 18-year-old man who was allowed to get on a flight at Edmonton International Airport in September after he was caught bringing a pipe bomb to security has been sentenced for possession of an explosive device.

Skylar Vincent Murphy was caught with the pipe bomb on Sept. 20. Security took the explosive away, but Murphy was given the go-ahead to continue on his flight.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) alerted RCMP to the case four days later. Murphy was arrested by Leduc RCMP on Sept. 27.

In an email response to questions from CBC News, CATSA spokesman Mathieu Larocque did not address why Murphy was allowed to get on the plane.

“Screening officers do not have the authority to apprehend or detain passengers,” he wrote. “When they see something potentially illegal, the(y) contact the police.”

On Dec. 5, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year probation and a $100 fine.

He is also prohibited from possessing explosives, firearms or ammunition for one year, and must also make a $500 donation to the University of Alberta burn unit.

Man Claims Cannibalism Was Act Of Revenge Against Muslims


Man Claims Cannibalism Was Act Of Revenge Against Muslims

Christian mobs kill innocent Muslims, in retaliation for Seleka mercenaries, ex-rebels, and bandits killing innocent CAR citizens, many of them Christians, it is then reported by the media in highly charged, sectarian terms, eventually feeding a vicious cycle. Violence in the Central African Republic is spiraling out of control.

In a shocking round of violence, angry Christians brutally murdered a Muslim passerby and desecrated his corpse. One of the murderous rioters, Ouandja Magloire, ate the victim’s leg, and even saved a portion of the flesh for later, as if it were restaurant leftovers.

Magloire put the leftover flesh of his victim between two halves of a baguette and ate it, with a side of okra.

Imagine the coverage on so-called counter jihad sites if “Mad Dog” Magloire had been a Muslim.

Months ago, when a Syrian rebel bit into the heart of his victim, we saw headlines like this: Syrian Jihadist Eats Human Flesh In The Name Of Allah. In the name of Allah? Cannibalism is not sanctioned in Islam.

If we were to mirror this response, our headline might read something like, “African Christian Eats Flesh in the Name of Jesus.” No context, no complexity. Just agenda-driven blame.

But this isn’t Jihad Watch, and we don’t employ the misleading tactics of so-called “counter jihad” sites. Christianity, like Islam, does not sanction cannibalism, and we do not reflexively claim everything Christians do is “in the name of Jesus.”

The agenda should not be to demonize one side or the other, but to bring this tragic conflict to an end.

 CAR cannibal: Why I ate man’s leg

Paul Wood’s report, via the BBC

Sectarian violence in the Central African Republic has reached a new extreme with an act of cannibalism in the capital, Bangui. The BBC’s Paul Wood has heard a graphic first-person account, which some might find upsetting.

The buses throwing up clouds of red clay dust had yet to rub out the ugly bloodstain in the dirt. A Muslim man had been murdered here a few days ago, by Christians. His limbs were hacked off. Then one of the crowd ate the flesh in a public demonstration of cannibalism.

We were filming nearby when a young man in a yellow T-shirt came up to talk to me.

“I am the naughty one,” he said in broken French. Puzzled, I shook his hand and was trying to ease past him when I noticed the machete tucked into his skinny jeans. “I am the naughty one,” he repeated.

I ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the bone – with bread. That’s why people call me Mad Dog. ~Ouandja Magloire

With a sickening feeling, I realised I was talking to the cannibal.

Camera phones had captured the crime. The pictures show a charred and dismembered body being dragged through the street by a screaming mob. A man held a severed leg and bit down into it.

The same, slightly built figure was standing in front of me. He was even wearing the same yellow T-shirt as in the video.

A few minutes earlier, I had spoken to a horrified witness, Ghislein Nzoto. He said it began when the Muslim man was dragged from a bus.

“People started attacking him, kicking him. They smashed a rock against his head. They kept going even after he was dead.”

He went on: “They set the body on fire. There were about 20 youths. They cut a whole leg off. Then one of them started to eat it. He bit into it four times and swallowed. It was raw, not burned.

“This was right in front of the Burundian peacekeepers. One of the soldiers vomited. Then he chased people away with his gun.”

‘I swore revenge’

The cannibal’s name was Ouandja Magloire – though he told me he was now known as “Mad Dog”.

There was a busy market either side of the street, people hawking brightly coloured cloth, skin-whitening creams, and piles of fresh loaves. We went somewhere a bit quieter so I could ask him why he had done this awful thing.

He told me that Muslims had killed his pregnant wife, his sister-in-law, and her new baby.

The media is blamed for presenting political conflicts in highly charged, sectarian terms.

He saw a man sitting on the minibus – he thought he looked Muslim so he decided to follow the bus. More and more people joined him until he was at the head of a mob.

“We followed him,” he said. “If he reached the intersection, the Burundians would protect him. So we told the minibus driver to stop. The driver said: ‘You’re right. He is a Muslim.’”

He described what happened after the man was dragged off the bus: “I kicked his legs out from under him. He fell down. I stabbed his eyes.

“Muslim! Muslim! Muslim! I stabbed him in the head. I poured petrol on him. I burned him. Then I ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the white bone. That’s why people call me Mad Dog.”

On the video, “Mad Dog” is seen happily chewing, his cheeks bulging. He waves a leg about in between mouthfuls. I returned to the question of why he had done this.

“Because I am angry,” he said. He had no other explanation.

During our interview, he betrayed no sign of that anger, or of pride, or regret, or of any emotion at all. His tone was neutral, his eyes and face blank.

Everyone’s so angry with the Muslims: No way anyone was going to intervene ~Ghislein Nzoto Witness

The witness I’d spoken to, Ghislein Nzoto, said no-one in the busy street had tried to help the victim.

“No-one at all,” he said, shaking his head. “Everyone’s so angry with the Muslims. No way anyone was going to intervene.”

But the most disturbing thing happened the next day, he said. “Mad Dog” returned, having saved some of the dead man’s flesh. He put it between two halves of a baguette and ate it, with a side of okra.

Ghislein didn’t agree with Muslims being killed but it was at least something he could comprehend, he said. Like most other Christians I spoke to, he was both appalled and baffled by the act of cannibalism.

Perhaps, he agreed with me, this atrocity was simply the act of an unbalanced individual. Or it might be the result of sectarian hatreds.

Or – his final explanation – this had something to do with sorcery.

Many of the Christian fighters we met – the anti-balaka – believe in magic. They go into battle wearing a variety of amulets. A group of fighters at a checkpoint told me some of the amulets contained the flesh of men they had killed.

“We are bullet-proof,” their commander told me, chuckling.

There has been, as far we know, no other act of cannibalism is this conflict. There is, however, precedent in the Central African Republic.

Sectarian feeling against Muslims is running high in Bangui

The “Emperor” Bokassa, who ruled from 1966 to 1979, was accused of having his enemies cooked and served at state dinners. Paris Match published photographs it said were of the body parts of children in a fridge at his palace. (After he was deposed, Bokassa was tried. While he was convicted of murder, he was found not guilty of cannibalism.)

There is no long history of sectarian hatred in this country. It exploded out of nowhere after Muslim mercenaries from Chad and Sudan joined the Seleka alliance that swept to power.

‘Polarising’ reporting

The Seleka were accused of murdering Christians in large numbers, of raping women and looting as they crossed the country. Christians formed self-defence groups, doing their own share of killing.

Western diplomats here blame the foreign media, too, in particular French TV and radio.

Reporting a simple “Muslim against Christian” story misrepresented what began as ethnic and political violence, they say: It polarised the two communities.

This is a complex country – with perhaps 200 ethnic groups and languages – but increasingly people see themselves this way. Last Friday, when the president resigned, we filmed a Christian crowd happily singing: “Today, we’re going to kill Muslims.”

“Mad Dog” Magloire’s crime was a singular act. It might have been the result of his own demons, not a symptom of a sectarian conflict.

But as we interviewed him, a small crowd gathered, all Christian. They shook his hand and patted his head, smiling and laughing as he, for the first time, smiled broadly. To them, he was a hero.

That does not augur well for the future of the Central African Republic.

Read the original article and see graphic video footage here.

Andrew Scott Boguslawski: Arrested with 83 Explosive Devices in His Van


(h/t: Mr.Tickle)

Guardsman found with explosives had more than initially reported

(Columbus Dispatch)

LONDON, Ohio — An Indiana National Guardsman arrested after investigators found a cache of weapons inside his van had significantly more explosives than originally reported, a prosecutor said today.

Investigators found 83 explosive devices in Andrew Scott Boguslawski’s van, 35 more than initially reported, Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins said during Boguslawski’s appearance in Madison Municipal Court. Adkins said most of the explosives were intended to help ignite larger devices. About 25 were larger explosives, he said.

Boguslawski is charged with one count of manufacturing explosives, a second-degree felony, and one count of collecting chemicals for manufacturing explosives, a fourth-degree felony. Prosecutors likely will take the case to a grand jury, possibly in early February.

Boguslawski, 43, did not testify during the hearing, but his attorney, Mark Babb of Dayton, argued that there was no evidence that Boguslawski made the explosives in Madison County and, because of that lack of evidence, the charges against Boguslawski should be thrown out. Babb said there also was no evidence that Boguslawski planned to hurt anyone.

“There’s a lot of factors that aren’t known yet that I’m not at liberty to discuss at this point,” Babb said. “But I do not think he’s guilty of the charges that were brought against him.”

Adkins, though, said Boguslawski posed a significant public risk because of the number of explosives in his possession.

Municipal Judge Eric Schooley agreed, ordering Boguslawski to remain in the Tri-County Jail in Mechanicsburg on a $1 million bond and sending the case to Madison County Common Pleas Court.

Boguslawski has been in jail since early Jan. 2, when a State Highway Patrol trooper stopped him on I-70 after clocking him traveling at 85 mph in a 70 mph zone. The trooper, William Scott Davis, said the van bore stickers about guns, ammunition and the military. When he walked up to the window, he asked Boguslawski whether he had any weapons inside the van. Boguslawski answered “nope,” Davis testified today.

But when Davis returned to the van with a speeding ticket, he noticed the handle of what he thought was a gun between Boguslawski’s knees. Davis called for backup and the troopers searched the car.

The gun that prompted the search turned out to be a plastic replica. But troopers found other weapons inside the van, including a loaded pistol and a sniper rifle. The troopers also found bags that held plastic 5-Hour Energy bottles with wires coming out of their tops and what looked like a wallet with straws and wires poking out of its sides, as well as remote detonating devices.

A bomb squad determined that the bottles and wallet were explosives.

Davis said the 5-Hour Energy bottles “looked like IEDs,” or improvised explosive devices, and said Boguslawski told him they were used during military training exercises to prepare for suicide bombers.

Boguslawski also had the blueprints for a Navy SEAL training facility inside the van, Madison County Prosecutor Stephen Pronai said.

Boguslawski has enlisted in the National Guard in several states, including Ohio, since he graduated from high school in 1988, according to the Indiana National Guard. He was most recently assigned as an intelligence analyst with a reconnaissance unit and held top-secret government clearance because of that work. In November, he was transferred to the Indiana National Guard’s Medical Discharge Unit.

Lt. Col. Cathy Van Bree, a spokeswoman for the Indiana National Guard, said she could not disclose why Boguslawski was transferred to that unit.

Boguslawski also worked at one time as a groundskeeper at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Ind. Van Bree said yesterday that he stopped working there in 2010.

His security clearance was suspended after he was arrested, she said.

Boguslawski, of Moores Hill, Ind., told investigators he was traveling from Pennsylvania to Indiana when he was stopped.



Indiana man allegedly had 48 bombs, 4 guns in car in Ohio

This booking photo provided by the Tri-County Regional Jail in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, shows Andrew Scott Boguslawski. Boguslawski was charged with illegally making or possessing an explosive device after four guns and nearly 50 bombs were found in his vehicle during a traffic stop Monday, Jan. 6, 2014. TRI-COUNTY REGIONAL JAIL / AP PHOTO
Similar Stories:

Indiana man allegedly had 48 bombs, 4 guns in car in Ohio

LONDON, Ohio, Jan. 7 (UPI) – An Indiana man pulled over for speeding in Ohio had 48 bombs and four guns in his car, authorities allege.

Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, Morris Hill, has been jailed on $1 million bond since his New Year’s Day arrest on a count of illegal manufacture or processing of explosives. He is to appear in court Friday for a preliminary hearing, the Madison Press in London, Ohio, reported Monday.

“I think there is a significant risk to the public,” Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins said, referring the high bond. “Until we can sort through the facts of this case, and what we have here and what his intent was, it is necessary to keep the public safe.”

Boguslawski was stopped by state troopers while westbound on Interstate 70 in Madison County for allegedly driving 85 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone.

Adkins said Trooper William Davis took notice of several bumper stickers on Boguslawski’s car, including one stating, “If you can read this, you’re in range,” and asked him if there were any weapons in the vehicle.

Boguslawski allegedly answered no and Davis stepped away to write a ticket, the Madison Press reported. When the trooper returned to Boguslawski’s car he spotted the handle of a gun between the man’s knees, Adkins said.

“At that point, he drew his service weapon, held the man there and called for backup,” said Adkins.

A subsequent search turned up the four weapons, 48 explosive devices, and tools and materials to make more bombs, Adkins said.

“Most concerning to me was that they found a remote detonating device,” Adkins said.

“The majority of the devices, I would not classify as high tech, but some of the devices were set up to be activated with the remote detonator.”

Adkins said Boguslawski, who didn’t make any statement to investigators, works at a training facility for Navy SEALs in Indiana and does not have “any real criminal history.”

Investigators were trying to determine why he had the bombs and were “looking for a link to any known terrorist operations and to identify the intended target.”

Killed For Being Gay In Latin America – It’s Worse Than You Think

Killed For Being Gay In Latin America – It’s Worse Than You Think

“The human rights arm of the Washington-based Organization of American States recently launched a database about the trend, with killings in the region often running at several a day.

Yet like most other sources, it may only include a fraction of the real toll. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists warn that most homophobic murders in Latin America are never officially registered by local police or courts as such.

One example is Brazil. Rio de Janeiro might be famous for its drag queens and “travestis,” gender-bending sex workers, but growing up gay in much of the South American giant is no picnic, says Maria Guilhermina Cunha Salasario, the vice president of the Brazilian Association of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals.”* The Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian break it down.

*Read more here from Simeon Tegel / The Global Post:

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