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Wedding Band And Engagement Ring Gap

Wedding Band And Engagement Ring Gap

Hi ladies, I know this has been a thread before, but I want to see more photos! My e-ring and wedding band will likely have a gap for two.
Fiance and I agree that the rings should match. So when we do go shopping for wedding bands, we will pick one that goes with my e-ring. I hate the look of .
WEBSTA @ foreverdiamondsny – Styled to perfection in every detail. Notice how the halo wraps around adding another row of diamonds. Designed to be .
Gap betweeen wedding and engagement rings thread from our wedding forum.
I just found out my father has serious opinions on making sure there is no gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band.
A bridal set consists of matching engagement and wedding rings. You may. of the gap between the two rings, choosing bands with different shapes and styles.

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