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How Do You Ask For Cash On A Wedding Invite

How Do You Ask For Cash On A Wedding Invite

Wording your wedding invitations can be a tricky thing to decide and if asking for money outright makes you wince, there are subtle ways you can ask for cash .
I know this has been done before, but search appears to be broken so could anyone give us some ideas how to word the invite. Suggestions from soon-to.
10 x PERSONALISED WEDDING MONEY POEM / GIFT POEM CARDS / HONEYMOON WISH POEM CARD The personalised wedding gift poem insert cards .
want to ask for money instead of gifts for your wedding, but not wanting to offend? Make a small registration for more traditional guests, then add this PERFECT .
Many couples prefer to ask for money rather than typical wedding gifts like. Guests invited to a Korean wedding often present envelopes containing cash or .
One feature of modern wedding invitations that is growing in popularity is the asking for money or vouchers, rather than a traditional gift list. One of the more .

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